Manifest your dreams and achieve your goals.

Get set to unleash your superpower.

Lifeboard VR is our unique platform that brings digital vision boards, guided meditation and personalized affirmations together in one virtual reality to help you achieve your goals.

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Why VR is revolutionary for manifestation

When virtual reality is introduced to the practice of manifestation, it enhances learning and memory recall because of its interactive experience. With the Lifeboard VR app, the neural process of imprinting your goals onto your subconscious is turbocharged. In just two sessions a day, you can rewire your brain to recognize opportunities to manifest the dreams and goals you’ve set for yourself. Let the Lifeboard VR app amplify your visualization, affirmations, gratitude, and meditation so you can live the life you deserve.

7-Day-Free Trial

We believe in your ability to manifest all that you desire. Start your
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7-Day-Free Trial

You have the
power to manifest

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  • Design

    Experience the life you want to lead with personalized vision boards, VR immersion and Follow-U Affirmations.

  • Dream

    Visualize, immerse yourself and experience the feeling of making your dreams a reality. Attract to your life the truly amazing.

  • Do

    Enjoy the incredible new reality you’ve attracted. Experience what it means to achieve your highest aspirations, ambitions and goals.

Let your dreams and goals immerse you

Entering our virtual reality is a truly amazing experience. Inside, you'll be surrounded by your vision boards, hear your own customized music, and select the right environment for your manifesting. Your visual, hearing, and spatial senses will be sparked to hardwire your dreams directly into your brain. Your mind will then be able to create and connect to a memory of this multi-sensory experience, bringing your dreams closer to your reality.