Many people.
One vision.

We’re so grateful for this chance to get to know each other. Lifeboard VR was born from a big, beautiful dream. Through a series of amazing events and manifestations, we’re bringing together a common vision to help you bring your visions and goals to life.

The experience is designed to empower you to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals. Through science, psychology, and immersive VR technology, we’re here to help you Unleash Your Superpower™ and grab hold of the life you want.

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Headshot Chief Technical Officer
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Woven deeply into our DNA is a true understanding of The Law of Attraction and the power of manifestation. Now, using the power of virtual reality technology you can immerse yourself in achieving your goals.

Meet Our Team

Headshot Chief Executive Officer
David Gerhardt


Headshot Chief Technical Officer
Benjamin Maares

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot Chief Financial Officer
Kib Pearson

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot Chief Marketing Officer
Byron Perkins

Chief Marketing Officer

Tomas Rodriguez

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Rivera

Account Director

Diane Markovski

Vice President of Marketing

We're grateful for all of the amazing people

Each member of our team has come to Lifeboard VR with the vision to help others achieve their goals and dreams. From manifesting experts and creative disciplines to tech innovators, our people are the backbone to our success.