Does the law of attraction really work?

Does the law of attraction really work?
Thu Aug 4


In fact, you know it does.  Chances are there have been many times you’ve thought about someone you haven’t seen in years when suddenly they call or you bump into them. Or you’ve been obsessed with a particular item before you start seeing it everywhere. This is the law of attraction at work.

What exactly is the law of attraction?

Simply put it is a universal law. Just like the law of gravity and every bit as real. It states that whatever you focus on will become your reality. Whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. 

Like attracts like

It’s no lie. When you think about something, you send out a vibration, a frequency that attracts similar vibrations from other people and things around you. Everything has its own frequency and vibration. To attract what you want, you just need to match it. 

The Law states that like energy attracts like energy, so if you send positive energy into the world (like optimism and gratitude), then good will come back to you; but if you put out negative energy (like stress and anger), then these will come back to you instead. 

The law doesn’t just apply to people. 

It applies to things, situations, experiences. Many of the world’s great leaders and successes – like Einstein, Gandhi, Oprah recognised the power of the law of attraction and used it to generate wealth, health and happiness.

You have the power within you to use The Law of Attraction. In fact, you could actually argue that your presence here on this blog already shows the law working!