Change the world.
One life at a time.

Global Gift Foundation is a multi-faceted, non-profit organization whose main goals are to work with reputable and transparent charities where 100% of donations are ascribed to their causes. Global Gift Foundation’s mission is to find active solutions to help people raise themselves in sustainable ways out of poverty, fight hunger, social injustice, and helping to support motherless children all around the world.

The power of giving

Lifeboard VR has partnered with Global GIft Foundation because of the great good it produces. Lead by Eva Longoria and Maria Bravo GGF works with many different notable charities to effect changes in the lives of so many.

Marbella 2021 Gala Fundraising Event

We support with each subscriber per month

We at Lifeboard VR are intently focused on helping you to achieve your life’s goals and dreams. We, as a community of believers in the effectiveness of visualization, and as a responsible company, feel we should use the incredible power of potentially millions of subscribers to alleviate the pain and suffering of those less fortunate than ourselves. We will donate one dollar (USD) per subscriber per month to Global Gift Foundation’s amazing and worthy causes.

Coming in Q1 of 2023 you can hold hands with us in virtual reality by visiting your Global Gift Foundation VR board inside your Lifeboard VR experience to actively visualize solutions to some of life’s most basic needs for those who desperately need our help. We know together with the Law of Attraction, visualizing solutions, and your ongoing monthly support through your subscription, together as one community we can make a difference. One life at a time.

The Projects of Global Gift Foundation

Take a look at how a part of your monthly subscription can help those less fortunate.