It’s not woo-woo

This is science

Walking amongst us are those who aren’t big believers in the Law of Attraction. For them, manifesting may seem a pseudo-science, esoteric or unbelievable. Chances are, these are the same people who may not have researched the science and seen first hand the success of manifesting.

Lifeboard VR is based on key learnings from neuroscience and psychology. We have studied the impact of VR and researched the real power of manifesting.

Gateway to change

VR has been used in neuroscience to treat everything from PTSD to phobias. It is a highly acknowledged and utilized method to bring about positive change. It is noted for its ability to increase empathy, improve imagination and re-engineer perceptions.

The key to unlocking your mind

Entering the world of virtual reality, by virtue of its name means you are actively tricking your mind into believing something is real, tangible. This fuels the power we all possess to create a new reality through the Law of Attraction.

A journey to wellness within

Lifeboard VR is loaded with meditation sessions which can guide the mind to a calmer, more positive, more grateful and receptive state. We have incorporated meditation in our sessions to provide a daily space of calm, elevating your outlook and ability to manifest.

Real life confirmation

The power of affirmations is widely recognized. Positive thinking, reinforcement and repetition are all key methods used in psychological treatments such as CBT to encourage higher self esteem, social interaction and real life benefit. Our Follow-U app uses real world science to insert subliminal positive messages directly into our subconscious to stay positive, focused and manifesting.

Matching your personal vibe

Sound, vibrations, and music have a profound effect on us. Movies, advertisers, and musicians calculate it into their images and music. There is scientific evidence to back up these claims. At Lifeboard VR we have taken this into careful consideration when we built this experience.