The Lifeboard VR story.

The Lifeboard VR story.
Tue Aug 9

Yes—we manifested Lifeboard VR.

Every great story begins with a defining moment, a stitch in time where the universe delivers a drop of amazing. For us, our story starts with a beautiful expression of the Law of Attraction, some extraordinary manifestation, and the building of bridges of incidents.

Our story is one that emerges from different starting points, but with a shared sense of wonder and vision. Deep in lockdown in the Dominican Republic, the spark of an idea had started with Lifeboard VR inventor and co-founder, David. Inspired to intensify his vision boards, he began to tinker with some VR software he had on a hard drive.

At the same time, back in LA, our co-founder Byron had spent a year studying the Law of Attraction. By the time 2020 was drawing to a close, a notebook with a list of goals sat on his desk. Right there, close to the top scrawled in black pen was: Start a VR company and develop a product based on manifestation. A bridge of incidents was forming.

While David set about building a prototype of his VR software, Byron purchased a pair of VR goggles to start amplifying his dreams and goals. However, searching for a VR manifestation tool was more of a mission than Byron had thought it would be. His searches revealed that nothing existed in the VR space to create immersive vision board experiences.

David had worked with our co-founder Ben on previous projects and shared his vision for what his VR prototype represented. The perfect tool to increase the power of the Law of Attraction, the VR software would allow users to really feel, experience and immerse themselves in their goals and dreams. Ben decided to bring his technical genius to the project and set about coding the concept while David registered a company named Lifeboard VR.

The bridge of incidents led Byron to David’s registered company during a late-night internet search. When David’s phone rang in late Spring 2021, he had no idea that the conversation would be so pivotal. On the other end of the phone was Byron, also a fervent enthusiast and practitioner of the Law of Attraction, searching for exactly the prototype he and Ben had been crafting.

The conversation was energetic, fueled by the magnetic nature of their goals. Both with a deep understanding of manifestation, they knew that the Law of Attraction had brought them together.

To help implement their vision, Byron reached out to our co-founder Kib, an inspirational business mentor and friend. A believer in the Law of Attraction and manifestation, Kib has helped many individuals reach their goals and achieve their dreams by providing business strategies. He immediately saw the potential that Lifeboard VR’s concept had to facilitate the manifestation of millions of visions and goals, blessing countless lives as a result.

A bridge of incidents brought four people from around the globe together with a perfect match of skills and a shared acknowledgment of the power of manifesting. Now after a year of hard work and collaboration, Lifeboard VR’s immersive virtual reality vision board has been chosen by as a finalist for VR Experience of the Year for 2022. This is a story created by the Law of Attraction, externalized from a deep desire to help others manifest their own success.

We’re so happy that you’ve joined us on this journey.