What is manifesting? Is manifesting real?

What is manifesting? Is manifesting real?
Thu Aug 4

Let’s start by simply saying that manifesting is awesome.

In order to understand why – let’s take a look at what the word manifest means.

According to the Cambridge dictionary: to manifest means “to show something clearly, through signs or actions.” The word actually has a long history dating back to pre-biblical times. Others date its origins to the 14th century where it had the meaning of “clearly revealed to the eye”.

Any way you look at it, we know that manifesting is all about bringing clarity and vision. For many of us, we understand manifesting to mean making our dreams real and achieving our goals.

How do you manifest?

It’s a one step process. All you need to do is to visualize and experience. This is the key to manifesting. Your thoughts create your reality, so if you want something to happen in your life, focus on it, believe you are there, feel you are there – often. Visualize it, experience it. 

What are the best ways to manifest?

Well, here’s the thing. Whilst all you really need to do is to see your goals, your ambitions and your dreams to make them real – as we’ve said, it’s the intensity with which you see them that matters. Successful manifesting will include vision boards and affirmations. 

VR is the new frontier in manifesting. Immersing yourself through 3D interactive vision and sound, you amplify your focus on your goals.

Celebrities and high net worth individuals who have achieved success and happiness from manifesting all agree that seeing yourself in your goal, daily focus and detailed visuals are the formula for potent manifesting.